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Used by the pros

‘The Pokerbase App has become a must-have tool on my phone. It's the most comfortable way for me to track my progress and my results real-time and have them all in one place together with notes about certain hands during a tournament. With the new tournament calendar integration it has just become an app that every tournament poker player should have installed on his phone.’

Vladas Tamasauskas
Professional Poker Player from Lithuania
2,6 million $ Live Earnings

‘Pokerbase is for me the best poker bankroll tracker - user-friendly and comprehensive. With its intuitive interface, I can effortlessly monitor my wins, losses, and overall performance. Thanks to this app, managing my poker finances has never been easier. But Pokerbase is not only about tracking live results. The app includes many useful tools that you might need during your live poker tournament adventure: ICM-Calculator, notes about opponents at your table, equity calculator and they are just starting. I know that a lot of other great features are already in the mind of the founders.’

Aliaksandr Shylko
Professional Poker Player from Belarus
3,8 million $ in Live Earnings

‘My favorite feature in Pokerbase is the new tournament calendar. Pokerbase helps me keep track of my tournament performances as well as my cash game sessions. I can manage everything real-time without the need to open Excel after a long tournament. More to come.’

Samuel Ju
Co-Founder of Pokerbase and GPI Mid-Major Player of the Year 2023 in Germany
1 million $ in Live Earnings

‘Due to Pokerbase I take poker way more seriously. As a tournament player, I was always on the lookout for a way to track my results. Also It allows me to document the key hand I play and take notes on players to analyze my opponents. The integration of the tournament calendar has made the app even more valuable.
As a passionate poker player, I highly recommend Pokerbase to anyone serious about their game. It's the ultimate tool to take your poker journey to the next level and achieve success at the tables. Thank you, Pokerbase, for helping me realize my dreams in the poker world!’

Ruurd Nauta
Professional Poker Player from The Netherlands
Founder of Pokerstudie
112.000 $ in Live Earnings

‘I have always tracked my poker performance since day 1 but could never find a reliable application and was forced to use excel sheets or notes.
With Pokerbase the process is seamless. What I particularly love about Pokerbase is the ability to track hours spent on each tournament and series. Poker is not just about gross earnings but also about your net results and Pokerbase enables you to track your true performance every step of the way! Fantastic work by the Pokerbase crew! Keep up the good work guys! Can't wait to see what you guys can come up with next! A must for every serious Poker player!’

Ehsan Amiri
Professional Poker Player from Australia
1,3 million $ in Live Earnings